Best Retina surgery in Hyderabad

The retina is the light-sensitive tissue behind the eye that helps you to see. The retina is a layer of cells in the back of your eye. It covers most of the back of your eye except for a small area at the front called the macula. Your retina sends images to your brain using nerves that connect to it.

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Diabetic Retinopathy

It is a complication of diabetes that affects the retina, the light-sensitive membrane lining the back of the eye.

Retinopathy of Prematurity

It is an eye disease that can lead to blindness in premature babies. It's caused by the abnormal development of blood vessels in the retina.

Complicated Cataract surgery

Complex cataract surgery involves intricate procedures to address challenging cases, often requiring specialized surgical techniques and equipment.

Retinal Detachments

It is a serious medical condition. These detachments are not painful, but can cause vision loss & other problems.

Age related Macular Degeneration

Age related macular degeneration can cause blurred vision or blind spots in your sight and may make it hard for you to read, drive.

Central serous retinopathy

Central serous retinopathy causes fluid accumulation under the retina, sometimes resolving on its own or requiring treatment.

Vein occlusion

Vein occlusion is a procedure that blocks the flow of blood in a vein that feeds one area of your body, usually to relieve pain.

Macular Hole & Macular Pucker

Macular Hole & Macular Pucker are both serious eye conditions that can cause significant vision loss. It is important to get treatment as soon as possible.

Cystoid macular oedema

Cystoid macular edema involves fluid-filled cysts in the macula, affecting vision; treatments include medications and surgery.

Frequently Asked Questions

The retina is like a film within a camera. Specialized cells receive visual impulses and transmit them to the brain via the optic nerve. The Macula is the area on the retina that is responsible for vision. Any damage to the macula results in loss of sight.
  • 1. The most common eye complication in diabetes is diabetic retinopathy; the difficulties are early cataracts and glaucoma.
  • 2. Early detection and timely treatment of diabetic eye disease significantly reduce the risk of vision loss.
  • 3. Diabetic retinopathy produces visual symptoms only when it is very advanced. Since only an ophthalmologist can detect early signs of diabetic retinopathy, all diabetics should have a retinal exam at least once a year.
Diabetes results in the weakening of blood vessels in the body. The tiny delicate retinal blood vessels are particularly susceptible. This damage of the retinal blood vessels, accompanied by certain structural changes in the retina, is termed diabetic retinopathy. This results in loss of vision.
Early stages of diabetic retinopathy are often asymptomatic. Hence it is imperative to carry out regular comprehensive dilates eye examinations for early diagnosis and treatment.
1. Uncontrolled diabetes for a long time 2. High blood pressure 3. High cholesterol 4. Smoking
1. Control of blood sugar levels and other risk factors 2. Regular eye examination 3. Early diagnosis and treatment is the key