What is Cataract ?

Cataract occurs when the lens in eye become cloudy. As Cataract occurs, it interferes with the transmission of light into eye and affects vision.

Symptoms of Cataract ?

    Blurring or dimness of vision.
    Feeling of a film over the eyes.
    Sensitivity to light and glare.
    Change in colour of lens.
    Double vision.

Solution for Cataract Problem

Neither medicines nor eye glass are permanent cure for cataract. Surgery is the only solution for Cataract.


Micro incision Cataract Surgery

Micro incision Cataract Surgery is a new surgical procedure that offers the latest in technology to treat cataracts.

Corneal Transplant Surgery

Corneal transplant surgery is a surgical procedure to replace the cornea, the transparent tissue that covers the iris and pupil.

Cornea Diagnostics Service

It uses the latest equipments for corneal surface anatomy and physiology to diagnose & treat a wide range of corneal diseases.

ICL Surgery

ICL surgery is a procedure that removes fat and tissue that has built up behind the iris, the colored part of your eye.

Eye Trauma Service

Eye trauma can be caused by any number of events including an accident at work, a fall, a sports injury or an attack.

Low Vision Aids Clinic

Low vision aids services includes, refractive correction, distance magnifier and near magnifier, field enhancement .

Contact Lens

Contact lenses are thin, soft discs worn directly on your cornea to correct vision. They are easy to use & have a low risk of complications.