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Lasik Surgery in Hyderabad

Lasik: It is an refractive surgery. Where done for the people who are having refractive error.
In normal case the rays which will pass from the cornea and lens refracts and place at retina so that the person will get the image what they have seen.

But the person who is having refractive error the rays will land beyond the retina or away form the retina. In this cases we make the correction through lasik surgery. Eye care Hyderabad is one of the best lasik surgery hospital in Hyderabad. 

Services offered in Lasik

In refractive surgery we are having different types according to the patient fitness.
These are the processes available in the refractive surgery. Where, with this the patient can choose according to the. As doctor advised.

  1. The person whose age is 18 above than.
    Those corneal thickness is fit for the surgery
    Person should free of eye diseases and conditions like keratoconus, glaucoma, amblyopia
    Person should not have dryness in eye
    They should not have any eye infections or injuries
  • Lasik is a painless procedure.
    It usually take less time for recovery
    They can achieve 6/6 vision after the lasik. But they have to use glasses for near after they become older.
    They can free from glasses and contact lens