Corneal transplant surgery is the most successful and most common of all transplants done in humans

In recent times the complete cornea is not transplanted but only the layers affected are transplanted. These lamellar transplants which are called DALK and DSEK have resulted in lower rejections and higher success rates

At Eye Care Hyderabad we have a senior corneal consultant Dr Syed Maaz with more than 15 years of experience in corneal transplant surgeries.

We are recognised by the Eye Bank Association of India to perform such surgeries.

It is a treatment of damaged or unhealthy corneas. It can help a person who has lost sight due to disease, trauma, or other causes. The surgery involves removing the dead tissue from the surface of your eye and replacing it with new healthy tissue from elsewhere in your body.

Corneal transplant surgery is for people who have damaged or unhealthy corneas. These include:

1. People who are blind in one eye because of cataracts (cloudiness) or glaucoma (high pressure inside the eye).

2. People with keratoconus (a condition where the shape of the cornea changes), which causes vision to become worse over time due to a curved surface that makes it harder for light to enter your eye properly.

3. Someone who has dry eye syndrome, which means their eyes produce less tears than normal and they don’t have enough lubrication on their surface membrane (the clear part between your cornea and iris).

How is the Surgery done?

1. Surgeon removes damaged cornea
2. Surgeon replaces it with donor tissue
3. Surgeon may use a laser to remove the damaged tissue