Equipments at Eye care Hyderabad

Tomey OA Optical Biometer (Japan) for accurate power calculations in cataract surgery for reduced dependence on glasses post surgery

Oertfi phacoemulsification surgical platform from Svitzeriand for safer and faster cataract surgery

Optical Coherence Tomogram from Topcon Japan for in-depth retinal analysis

Operating zoom microscope legend with BIOM for retinal surgeries

Multi Spot Pattern Green LASER for quicker and painless Retinal LASER treatment

Nd: YAG solid-state LASER for glaucoma and after cataract treatments

Glaufield Lite SWAP for visual field analysis in glaucoma

B-Scan for inner part of eye examination in hazy media

Modular Operation theatres equipped with laminar air flow and HEPA filters to provide clean air in the operative field. Hanshin B type autoclave from Korea and STATIM G4 flash steriliser from USA for reducing chances of infections.