What is Retina ?

Retina is the transparent delicate and inner most layer of the eye. It senses light signal from an object we want to see and sends information to our brain through optic nerve, enabling us to see.

Why should Retina be Healthy ?

Retina damage is equivalent to permanent damage to the vision and hence it is very important to keep Retina healthy.

Retina damage can be caused by:

Uncontrolled blood pressure
High blood sugar (diabetic retinopathy)
Severe eye injury
Familoy history of retinal diseases
Sudden painless decrease in vision
Difficulty in night vision or in bright light
High minus or plus spectacle power
Flasher of lights or floaters in your field of vision.
Smooking and alcohol consumption
Premature birth
Systemic diseases such as tuberculosis, HIV, collagen diseases, cancer.
Using of drugs like Chloroquinone or watching eclipse can also lead to retinal damages.

Why choose Eye care Hyderabad?

We at Eye care Hyderabad have well qualified and experienced Retinal surgeon, Dr Syed Musaab Mohiuddin – DO, MRCS (Edinburgh), FICO, FLVPEI, Fellowship in Retina and Posterior Segment-LVPEI. We are also equipped with latest diagnostic technology for detailed retinal examination.

The CONSTELLATION Vision System by ALCON USA is a world’s most advanced micro vitreo retinal surgical system.

Optical Coherence Tomogram from Topcon Japan for in depth retinal analysis.

Operation zoom micros cope legend with BIOM for retinal surgeries.

Multi Spot Pattern Yellow LASER for quicker and painless retinal LASER treatment.

B-Scanfor inner part of eye examination in hazy media.

We provide Advance Treatment and Management for variety of retinal diseases / condition to all age groups our vision is to provide quality eye care service to every patient in rendering the gift of perfect vision.