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Myopia Myopia, also called nearsightedness, is a condition of the eyes wherein the patient has near-good vision but faces difficulty seeing things from afar. Normal eye v/s Myopia eye Myopia is a condition

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‘Thoroughly wash hands and fingers with an antibacterial based hand wash. Dry hands witha lint-free towelRemove lenses while sitting at a table with alint-free cloth. ‘Avoid bathrooms as they contain more germs than any other

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What is Cataract ? Normal Lens with Cataract Cataract occurs when the lens in eye become cloudy. As Cataract occurs, it interferes with the transmission of light into eye and affects vision. Symptoms

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What is Retina ? Retina is the transparent delicate and inner most layer of the eye. It senses light signal from an object we want to see and sends information to our brain